Fandom Friday: Take my cashasaurus!

Normally, I don’t like shopping. However, when it comes to something cool like dinosaurs, it’s hard to say no. Also, I thought it would be a fun weekly feature to find new products you can buy that are dinosaur related.

Why? Because you are meant to have joy in life  and regardless of your age, you can still enjoy dinosaurs and find creative ways to enjoy them. I am also here to help enable you. 😉

Site for saur eyes lamp Stegosaurus

You can find this cool guy from ModCloth for $39.99. They have a variety of other dinosaurs and also have dinosaur lamps that are origami style.


Black & White dinosaur skater skirt

This skirt I can personally vouch for since I own it. You can find this at Hot Topic for $19.92. This is one of the most comfortable skirts I own. Not only is it super soft, it’s also thicker. Yet it’s still lightweight enough that it doesn’t feel weighed down. Plus, I love that you can dress this up and still rock dinosaurs.


Brachiosaurus Origami necklace
I absolutely love this necklace which you can find on Glorikamishop on Etsy for $50.00. They have a lot of different options to choose from and brings a unique twist to your outfit.

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex

If you love collecting, here is the perfect addition. This beautifully detailed T-rex is only $15.30 and can find it on Amazon.  I have seen these up close and they have done an outstanding job with how realistic they are.

Dinosaur Art: The World’s Greatest Paleo Art
This book features beautiful art of your favorite dinosaurs. You can find this on Amazon for $25.85. I have seen a lot of books about dinosaurs, but am incredibly impressed how the beauty of this art flows throughout the entire book. And not just the cover.

Dinosaurs are a lot of fun to learn about, but we also love being able to carry the joy in other parts of our lives. It’s fun to add a little something to your room or wardrobe to represent our love on these magnificent creatures. Again, we are meant to have joy in our lives. There is nothing wrong with throwing a little geek into that. 😉


Also, let us know if you end up getting any of these products and send us your picture if you would like to be featured on our site! We would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite dinosaur products even if it’s from the sites we mentioned or not!



Let’s not forget that this picture exists. Thank you Jeff Goldblum.

*Please note we were not paid to mention the products listed above. We simply love dinosaurs and love spreading the word of fun places you can find cool dinosaur stuff as well!



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