10 Ways to Have Fun in Museums!

There are a lot of people out there who hear the word Museum and think either old dead stuff, or a place where kids go on field trips. Though those are true to a certain extent they are not the rule. So today I’m going to give you my top ten list of ways to have fun in museums!

  1. Take Pictures! – If you find yourself in a museum that has no problem with you taking pictures go wild! It makes for good memories and you have something to show your friend to get them interested to come back with you!12
  2. Take a Friend! – I have found that if I take a friend to a museum that I have been to before I turn into a little tour guide and show them all of the cool things I noticed last time I was there! Teaching others is a great way to help retain the knowledge you have!
  3. Take a Child! – Preferably your child ,or a family member, so you know you don’t get arrested! But bringing a child to a museum may be one of the best things you can do, not only does it encourage learning, it also gives you the opportunity to see their reaction to something like a T-Rex for the first time! 20170422_103934
  4. Engage the Tour Guides! – Some people will shy away from tour guides at museums because they feel like they would rather experience it alone. This is not a bad way to do it, but these guides have a lot more information that you would get on your own so its great to engage them! Pictured one of my favorite tour guides Dustin Growickwww.WinstonStruye.com-6337-1024x678
  5. Ask Questions! – The key to learning at a museum is to ask questions, whether that be to a friend, a tour guide or yourself. Always questioning is a great way to expand your knowledge and have a great time!88b614e2783e6d4c0e67ab12d1e6ac1a_raise-hand-clipart-raising-raised-hands-clip-art_10864-5270
  6. Get Interactive! – There are a lot of museums that now have a bunch of interactive displays. You can use touch screens to get information and even some virtual reality exhibits that let you really get into the action!story2Pic2
  7. Hit that Gift Shop! – This is one of the things that I love the most about museums! They always have amazing stuff in there! You will usually find a lot of things for kids in there, but you will also find some great books in there as well!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  8. Make Multiple Trips! – Many times you may not be able to see everything that you may want to see when you first go. So instead of rushing through the whole museum, I would take my time and experience everything. If you run out of time you can always come back and go through it all again!20170426_182110
  9. Use Your Imagination! – Some times kids may get bored with reading the signs and looking at the maps but if you do little things here and there they will love it the entire time. Such as, pretending they are in Jurassic Park and they have to go find as many dinosaurs as they can!Gate_Entrance_(2)
  10. Create a Scavenger Hunt! – Another fun activity you can do is a scavenger hunt! by having a list of things for people to find throughout the museum  not only are they having fun but they are also learning about all of the things that they have to find!The Great Scavenger Hunt 2015



One thought on “10 Ways to Have Fun in Museums!

  1. I really did enjoy the Natural History Museum in SLC it was fantastic! We went twice when we lived in ID. Another good way to enjoy museums is to get a family pass, it’s cheaper than paying each time and you get discounts on food sometimes.

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