Fandom Friday: Take My Cashasaurus

Happy Friday everyone! What is better to start the weekend off than discovering additional Dinosaur items to add to your life! This week we found a few cool collectibles that we didn’t even think about existing, but glad it does.

Dino-opoly Board Game

This board game can be found at JCPenny for $22.00. If you already have a love for collecting different Monopoly themes, this would be perfect to add. While playing, you will also learn fun facts about each Dinosaur which is a unique and fun way to learn.

3D Color Changing Night Light

This lamp I couldn’t resist sharing. This can be found on Rose Wholesale for $15.94. This 3D design lamp has 2 different modes and changes to 7 different colors for better performance. I love that part of the description that says it’s great for creating a romantic  surrounding. Goodbye candles, this Dinosaur lamp is in town.

T-Rex Skull Shower Head

This is the coolest shower head we have ever seen. You can find this beauty from Mirsky Art Gallery for $21.00. This is made from high quality ABS plastic, (same as Legos) and is available in 6 colors. They also have other Dinosaur bathroom accessories to mix and match.

Dino Skeleton Leggings

Yes I am one of those people who would wear leggings as pants, but how could you not with these? These awesome Dino Skeleton Leggings can be found on Brave New Look for $39.00. They advertise that these are great for going on a run or to the gym, but really I think these would be great to wear at Thanksgiving. You can eat as much as you want, they grow with you and yet you can STILL be stylish. It’s a win-win!

Crazy Dinosaur Lady Pajamas

I am proud to admit that if this was actually a possibility, you bet I would have my house filled with little Dinosaurs instead of cats. (Well, I don’t have cats now. You get my point!) Even though having a house filled with live Dinosaurs isn’t an option, you can still show your pride with these pajamas by Cafe Press for $39.99. I love that they have so many different options and colors to choose from. You can also find some in children’s sizes and men’s.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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