Fandom Friday: Take My Cashasaurus

Happy Friday!

I’m happy to be back and show you all of the cool Dinosaur collectibles I have found, but I fear that I am going to make it worse for myself with this rabbit hole I seem to be getting myself into. I keep coming across things that are so random and I know I don’t NEED them, but it’s like, if I don’t get it now they will sell out and then I’ll regret it later.

Let’s start now shall we?

I LOVE these! I adore how creative people get from different franchises, and these are beyond amazing. These 11×14″ print sets can be found from Miranda Dressler  for $50.00. She is incredibly talented as you will discover as you wander throughout her page.

There is something about this necklace that puts me in a giggle fit and fall in love at the same time. I also love that it glows in the dark. This would make a great gift or let’s be honest, for ourselves right? This isn’t something that you come across every day so you would definitely be getting the attention of others. This necklace is from World of Glow for $19.99+. (Price may increase due to the length of the chain.)

I squealed when I saw this. No joke. I love replicas and props from movies. (Makes sense since I love making props myself.) I am really impressed by all of the work they put into this. Especially for Jurassic Park fanatics. Every time I see this, I instantly hear the laugh. (No, not THAT one.)

THIS one.

You can buy this Jurassic Park Cryogenics Canister Cryocan Replica Prop from Console Chameleon for $167.65.

I am a sucker for making sugar cookies even though I eat the dough most of the time before they actually make it to the oven. This would help curb that addiction so I can see all of the lovely dinosaurs on the cookies I make. Think of all of the creative possibilities you would be able to go with this rolling pin.  They have a lot more options for other rolling pins as well if you prefer other patterns. You can find this rolling pin from John Craftsmanship for $17.00

So far I have to say this is my favorite find. Dinosaurs having a party? I thought it was hilarious and awesome that Wild Head Party is selling party hats for your Dinosaur figures for $4.00+. (Depending on the amount of hats you buy.) If you don’t know how to make teeny hats or don’t feel up to it, here is your place to find something adorable to jazz up your Dinosaur collection! I am incredibly tempted to get some of these for my own Dinosaur party!

It seems like this week dragged longer than it should have so hopefully you all will be able to find some times to relax and enjoy yourselves!



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