Fandom Friday: Take My Cashasaurus


Happy Friday!


Hey everyone! Hope you have had a great memorial day weekend and short work week! This week Amber was kind enough to let me take a shot at the Take My Cashasaurus! I’m really excited about this, and I really hope you enjoy my pics!!

So there seem to be a lot of pajamas rolling around out there for the ladies, but let me present for the fellows out there, ASOS Super Skinny Pajama Bottoms With Dinosaur Print! These run around $29.00 and look amazing! I cannot wait to get mine!!

So I am not personally someone who would normally use bath bombs. That being said these HAVE DINOSAUR SKELETONS INSIDE OF THEM!!!!! Sold by Bon Bon Bath House on Etsy will set you back only $6.00 , so you will probably see this grown adult bearded man giggling and playing with Dinosaurs in the bath soon!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The Bioluminecent Dinosaur. This thing is absolutely beautiful! What this actually is is a desktop aquarium filled with living single-celled plankton that glow with bioluminescent light at night. You can find the link to buy it HERE and its costs around $60.00

So full disclosure, I absolutely love art like this. Dinosaur Skeleton models are my kryptonite! The thing i love about them is no matter what scientific discoveries come around to change the way we think skin/feathers looked like the skeletons will always look the same! This IMAX Magnus Prehistoric Dinosaur is based on a T-Rex. It is 24 in. long, 9 inches wide, and 14 inches tall, and costs $78.00

Last for this week I wanted to throw in another one of my vices! The Papo Dinosaur collection! These Dinosaurs are some of the most detailed and well crafted model/toy dinosaurs on the market. The one i wanted to talk about today is the new Acrocanthosaurus. It is new for 2017 and just looks stellar! The coloring and jaw articulation are really on point and I can’t wait to add it to my collection!! You can find it on Ebay for around $33.00!!!

Thank you guys and gals for letting me jump in on this article this week! I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you all enjoyed reading it!!





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